Pentair Spabrite Color Led Spa Hot Tub Pool Light, Controlled By Switch

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  • $340.00
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  • Available in 12 or 120 Volts with cord lengths between 50 and 100 feet
  • Stainless Steel Face
  • There are a total of 16 color/show combinations
  • 7 solid colors and 9 color shows
  • Lights are controlled by light switch, no separate controllers needed
  • To advance lights you simply turn off/on within 8 seconds to advance to next color option
  • Lights have a memory function so when turned off longer than 8 seconds they will remember the last setting when turned back on
** NOTE ** These lights can be used with optional home automation systems, third party light controllers, external controllers, remotes and power controllers; but because these lights have more colors and shows than most systems, some pre-programmed remote control options can not reach all of the colors and shows.  Integration with home automation systems and software from most companies have been and can be integrated to function properly.  Most customers use the free built in option. Lights, colors and shows are controlled by simply using your existing light switch. Please call us if you have any questions.