Automatic Suction Cleaners

Hayward 900 Wanda Automatic Suction Cleaners For Above-Ground Pools

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  • Wanda the Whale automatic suction cleaners for above-ground pools. This suction cleaner features the exclusive SmartDrive program steering so it won't miss a spot.Suction cleaners are ideal for pools located in desert and tropical climates with cleaning requirements for fine particles of dirt and small leaves and twigs.
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For over 80-years, Hayward has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide. Our goal is that at the end of the day, your only concern is to turn your equipment on and off.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Hayward family of above-ground pool cleaners is designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above-ground/on-ground pools automatically. These attractive little fellows operate off the pool's existing filtration system and feature our exclusive SmartDrive program steering, so it won't miss a spot. Performance, price and stimulating 4-color cartons are sure to make this your favorite pool purchase of the summer.


Put away your manual for good

Hayward’s family of above ground cleaners provides you with easy, trouble-free operation. It works with your existing filtration system, and everything for simple, 10-minute-or-less installation is included – even the hoses. Not only will vacuuming be easier, but faster too. Every cleaner in the family utilizes patented SmartDrive programmed steering to clean faster and more thoroughly than random cleaners. Each improves water circulation by pulling water from the bottom of your pool as it moves, which helps your pool stays cleaner. Our family of superior quality cleaners is designed to keep your pool at its sparkling best, without the drudgery of manual cleaning. And it’s from Hayward, the company that engineered automatic pool cleaning technology.


A cleaner for everyone

Adults and kids alike love Hayward’s family of above ground cleaners. If it is luck that you need, then AquaBug is for you. This ladybug designed cleaner will fly across the bottom of your pool, seamlessly cleaning every inch of the floor. If deep water discovery peaks your interest, then Diver Dave is your guy. He can travel to the deep depths of your pool, crawling along the bottom and picking up all of the debris that has drifted down. Wanda the Whale completes this happy family. If you are looking for fun and cute ocean life to entertain your pool and your kids, Wanda is definitely the cleaner for you. A member of this family is waiting to join yours, so stop waiting and bring one home today!